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...unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS). Drones are becoming increasingly common in our communities.  They are used recreationally by hobbyists, but are also employed for many commercial uses including photography, videography, real estate, infrastructure inspections, mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, law enforcement, wildlife and environmental management, disaster recovery, and search and rescue operations.  


As often happens with new technology, the law has yet to catch up to the industry.  In early 2016, the FAA began requiring all drone owners, including hobbyists, to register their aircraft.  Beginning August 29, 2016, the new Part 107 rules go into effect.  These new rules provide a streamlined, common-sense process for the use of drones in business pursuits.  The FAA will continue its rule-making activities regarding unmanned aircraft, so make sure to check

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